California Ski Area Asks The Internet To Name Incoming "Mega Storm"

Professional snowboarder Kimmy Fasani and Mammoth Mountain, California, need some help.

No, not with digging out their cars. They want to know what you, the internet, think this incoming—likely colossal—Californian storm should be called.

"We're not sure what to name this storm, so drop a suggestion in the comments below for the chance to win some sweet prizes," Mammoth wrote in the caption of Fasani's update.

Here are a few of our favorite suggestions so far:


"Topsnevagonnaopen-ledon." (I'm sure ski resorts across California felt that one; it's going to be a busy weekend getting lifts open. Jokes aside, shout out to the hardworking mountain ops teams.)

"The Score of '24."

Okay. I hear you. Is all the hype around this storm really worthwhile?

Yes. Most likely.

Here are a few notable quotes from a Western Winter Storm warning issued by the National Weather Service this week:

"There is a high chance (over 70%) of substantial, long-lasting disruptions to daily life in the higher elevations of the Sierra Nevada Friday-Saturday, where blizzard conditions and 5+ ft of snow are expected."

And "Extremely heavy snow rates surpassing 3 inches per hour are likely."

Yes, we're still a day or so out from the supposedly wild weather in the Sierra Nevada—weather forecasting never deals in absolutes—but all signs are pointing towards snowmaggedon.

If you still need convincing, take a look at the NOAA forecast for Mammoth's base area. And—to those residing in the Sierra—make sure to batten down the hatches.

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