California Shelter Dog Adopted and Returned After One Hour for Being 'Too Big'

The wonderful, selfless people who volunteer at animal shelters do everything they can to give the animals in their care the best lives possible, but even then, the life of a shelter pet isn't great. They spend their days watching people walk by, all in the hopes that they'll soon be adopted.

That hope briefly came true for one northern California dog named S'mores, who was adopted on January 25. Unfortunately, he was returned to Stanislaus Animal Services just one hour later for being 'too big.' As if his adoption was all just a dream, he's now back in a small kennel, waiting for someone to find him.

Aww, S'mores! He's such a beautiful Anatolian Shepherd mix, and he did nothing to deserve to be teased with a glimpse of the good life. It must have been so confusing for this shelter dog to leave with someone new, only to come right back!

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What happened during that hour he was away from the shelter may still be a mystery, but the one thing we know for sure is that the person who adopted him didn't deserve to have him. It takes an incredibly patient dog to stay in a kennel so small day after day, but he hasn't let it crush his spirit.

This precious video of S'mores was shared by @heathersshelterpals, who dedicates her time to sharing the stories of rescue animals just like this big boy. She also shared a picture of S'mores' online biography, which reveals that he's about one year old and has only been in the shelter for about a week.

You Can Take Smaller Steps Before Committing to Adoption

Instead of letting a shelter pet down by bringing them back after being adopted, potential adopters should consider a number of alternative plans. If you're able, bring the animal home through a sleepover or foster program! Many animal shelters have similar programs to help create more room in the shelter itself, though you can always contact your local shelter if you have questions before adopting.

Additionally, check in with all roommates, family members, and landlords about adopting a dog. You'll need to be informed about any potential breed restrictions, allergies, or even fears so you don't run into any issues down the line.

If you can't find a dog foster program to meet a pet with less commitment, you can always take your whole family down to the shelter to meet them yourself. Each shelter has its own policies, so do call ahead before bringing your own pet to meet a potential fur sibling!

For example, you'll need to email or visit the Modesto shelter in order to meet handsome boy S'mores. He just might be the perfect dog for your home--who knows?

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