People Are Very, Very, Very Mad About "Scooped Bagels" After This California Guy Went Viral For Requesting One

A man has caused all hell to break loose over "scooped bagels."

A man saying, "I just went to a bagel shop here"

It all started when he shared a story about how stressful it is to order a bagel in New York compared to California.


He claims it's super easy to get his scooped, gluten-free bagel in California, but in New York, it's a whole other story.

The man saying, "we have these different options today for gluten free"

When he tried to get his scooped, gluten-free bagel in New York, the bagel-maker told him off.

"I just walked in and asked for a scooped gluten free bagel"

"The guy just looks at me and goes, 'I'm not scooping your fucking bagel, bro. Get the fuck out of here with that shit.'"

"I just walked in and asked for a scooped gluten free bagel"

The video quickly spread to X, and now my entire timeline is involved in "scooped bagel" discourse.

@tayloroffer/ Twitter: @Ian_Gay_briel

But first, what are scooped bagels? Well, it's basically a bagel without a soul.

a toasted scooped bagel
Juanmonino / Getty Images/iStockphoto

As this person said, it's essentially a "boneless bagel."

Twitter: @k1ndbutnotsoft

People are fighting mad about it.

Twitter: @HorrorNightsORL

And everyone has an opinion.

Harpo Productions/ Twitter: @hausofvinny

"If God wanted bagels to be scooped, they would already come that way," this person said.

@tayloroffer/ Twitter: @armadillo_by_am

"If you order scooped bagels, I don't want to be your friend," another said.

@tayloroffer/ Twitter: @e_munson

"What are we doing to our beautiful queens," this person pleaded.

Twitter: @sqidey

People are quite literally changed after hearing this information.

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Friendships are on the line.

Twitter: @jessica4nh

Boycotts have been suggested.

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It's bleak!

NBC/ Twitter: @thediegocrespo

Ultimately, I hope this is the last we hear about this bagel desecration.

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I hope we can forget this whole thing even ever happened.

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