Calf's Reaction to Being Placed in a Pen with Pigs Is So Innocent

While some animals commonly interact on a farm, others are typically kept in separate spaces. Such is the case for one calf who lives on a farm in Minnesota. But when his personal pen needed to be cleaned, his mom needed to figure out what to do with him.

She wound up putting him in another pen with a bunch of pigs. What happened next was totally unexpected. In a video shared on TikTok by @newfrontierfarmsllc, you'll see how this precious calf reacted to meeting his new little friends.

Awww! He actually snuggled right up to them! This is the perfect example of Mother Nature at her very finest. What a little sweetheart this calf is. And something tells us the pigs loved their new company, too.

One viewer who watched the clip suggested, "Put him with them more often. He needs it." Given how well the introduction went this time around, getting him together with the pigs in the future is probably a good idea! Another TikTok user, @JamesThompson7365 added, "They love hanging out with other animals." And @AshleyJohnston posed a great question, asking, "Are you going to let him have a sleepover over with the pigs?" Sure sounds like a winning idea to us!

Let's keep our fingers crossed that we get to see more of this sweet guy enjoying time with other farm animals in the future. He's just way too cute to resist!

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