Céline Dion Stuns in Two Polar Opposite Menswear-Inspired Looks While in Paris

If you, like us, have noticed that Céline Dion has been a one-woman smoke show as of late, we can all thank her stylist Law Roach for that recent development. Since pairing up with the stylist, who works with other high-profile celebs like Zendaya and Ariana Grande, the singer has become a fashionable force to be reckoned with, whether she’s walking around in a low-key Titanic sweatshirt or burning down the house in an angelic cloud-like gown at the Billboard Music Awards. And her latest trip to Paris has only served to reconfirm that nobody rocks couture quite like Céline.

Not only is Céline prepping to debut her new lifestyle brand at Nordstrom later this summer, but the diva is also currently in Paris prior to kicking off her European tour, accompanying Balmain‘s Olivier Rousteing to the Palais Garnier opera house to celebrate the ballet costumes he designed while wearing a super-chic look also by the designer. Dion started off her time in the City of Lights in a head-to-toe black Balmain look consisting of black studded turtleneck gown partially covered with a long black, sharply tailored blazer with panels going down to the floor.

Céline followed up that dark look with its polar opposite on Wednesday, opting for some super bright, floral print suiting, stepping out of her hotel in a coordinated blazer, overcoat, and wide leg trousers covered in pink, red, and white blossoms.

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“She’s really enjoying herself,” Roach told PeopleStyle last summer, after he spent an entire month dressing Céline in Paris. “I know she’s enjoying herself and we’re enjoying each other because we tell each other every day. I’m here almost every day and it makes me so happy to see her so happy. If I had a small piece of [creating] that with the clothes and the fittings and the shoes and the bags, then I am overjoyed.”

“I think she’s really enjoying fashion and being out and being seen and getting photographed,” he continued, “Fashion is the most interactive art form. It’s nostalgic and it can take you to another place. If you feel beautiful and pretty, you can’t be sad and miserable. It’s just impossible.”

The stylist concluded, “She’s seen everything and she’s seen the evolution of the outfits. She is truly a fashion girl. I was surprised to know that but then again I wasn’t surprised because she knows. And she’s fearless — she’s not afraid to wear any color, shape or brand. She’s excited about things that are new. It’s refreshing that she’s in her 40s and has no hesitation about fashion. It has been such a dream to work with her.”

And clearly, the outfits this pair create together are a total dream as well.

Roach recently opened his closet to Coveteur and also spilled on one of the most famous looks he dressed Céline in: That Vetements Titanic sweatshirt.

“When I brought her that [Titanic] sweatshirt, I had had it for a while. I reached out to Vetements, and they were so gracious to let us borrow one from their archives because it was sold. I held on to it and hid it because I thought she would think it was corny,” he explained. “One day I got the courage—you have to understand, this was only two or three weeks into our relationship, and I wanted to do well, I didn’t want to f— it up—I asked her later, I said, ‘Céline, what do you think about this.’ She was like, ‘What do you mean? I love it. I want to wear it today.’ It was just that easy. She loved it, walked out of that hotel and you could tell in those photographs that she loved it. She felt incredible and she felt cool. I think that she understood that no one had ever had a chance to see her that way. The world was getting a chance to see a part of Céline that has always been there. She is so f—ing cool—I wish everyone in the world could meet her.”

We couldn’t agree more.

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