Byrdie Readers' Choice Awards: The Top Hair Products, According to You

Byrdie's editorial team takes very seriously the fact that you, our savvy readers, come to us to learn about the best beauty launches, reviews, look inspiration, news, and celebrity interviews and shoots. But this relationship isn't a one-way treet—just as much as you value our opinions, we value yours. We know that Byrdie readers are wildly discerning, keeping themselves hyper in-the-know about the best beauty ingredients and formulas on the market (which is why we ask you so often for your product recommendations, like your favorite all-natural foundations and DIY acne remedies).

So it only makes sense that this year, instead of hosting our traditional Byrdie Beauty Awards, we decided to pass the baton to you and do a Readers' Choice edition. You already chose your favorite skincare and makeup products of 2018 (amazing picks, by the way), leaving just one category left: hair. We sent out a survey asking you to name your absolute fave in hair maks, dry shampoos, blow-dryers, and more. Curious to see the winners? Read on to find the Byrdie Readers' Choice hair products of 2018.

Shea Moisture's affordable line of shampoos is Byrdie reader–approved across the board, especially this gentle, sulfate-free pick, specifically formulated to nourish curly hair. It's packed with scalp-healthy baobab and tea tree oils, spearmint, and clary sage, plus organic shea butter for long-lasting hydration.

Ideally, you want your conditioner to moisturize your hair without weighing it down, and that's exactly what Living Proof's feather-light Full Conditioner does. Byrdie readers love how the formula makes hair shiny and detangles without any heaviness thanks to its high-tech proprietary Healthy Hair Molecule.

(PS: Bumble and Bumble's Surf Creme Rinse Conditioner, $28, was a close second!)

Beauty editors, hair colorists, and Byrdie readers are all in agreement: This is the single best hair treatment on the market, especially for healing color-damaged hair from the inside out. As one Byrdie voter said, "This really lives up to the hype. I've noticed it's smoothed the ends of my hair so much and made it less prone to split ends."

The runaway winner of this category goes to Moroccanoil's iconic, hypnotic-smelling, argan oil–infused treatment oil. "Smells divine [and] nourished my hair without weighing it down," one Byrdie voter wrote, and we couldn't agree more.

According to Byrdie readers, few curl creams on the market leave their hair as soft and defined as Devacurl's formula, which is loaded with hydrolyzed jojoba protein to strengthen strands and provide elasticity, as well as tapioca starch for frizz control sans crunchiness. As one voter says, the product "gives so much hydration and shape without weighing my hair down."

We were delighted to find that Byrdie readers' number one dry shampoo pick can be found at the drugstore for $6. Quite simply, the product gives hair a soft, fresh look without leaving a chalky white cast, which is all you could ever want in a dry shampoo.

This tried-and-true sea spray has been Byrdie-reader favorite for years, and according to the votes, that's showing no signs of changing. The salt mineral–infused formula is easy to use, smells like vacation, and offers that perfect just-off-the-beach finish. What more could a haircare lover want?

The sticker price on this futuristic tool doesn't scare Byrdie readers away—they're obsessed with its lightweight hold and the fact that it dries hair faster than any other on the market. As one voter said, the product is "life-changing. It's expensive, but considering how much I've saved on blowouts, it's actually cheap! It's seriously the greatest gift I've ever gotten myself and my hair." Another voter simply writes: "Nothing compares."

Out of all the straighteners and curling irons money can buy, Byrdie readers agree that GHD's versatile platinum styler is the best. With its high-tech plates that distribute heat with perfect evenness, the tool works to straighten, wave, or curl hair with ease.

Almost every hairstylist Team Byrdie works with regards this classic hairspray as their holy grail, and so do Byrdie readers. The invisible texture and reliable hold are simply unmatched, as is the drugstore price.

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