Buzz Aldrin’s Apollo 11 Travel Expense Total: $33.31

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Apparently “one small step for man” comes with a relatively small price too. (Photo: NASA)

Not even space travel can get you out of filing expenses and declaring customs.

Buzz Aldrin, an astronaut on the famous Apollo 11 mission and the second man to walk on the moon, tweeted pictures of his original travel expenses and customs on June 30, sending the social media world into a frenzy.

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Look at how much the Apollo 11 astronaut spent on his trip to the moon. (Photo: Buzz Aldrin/Facebook)

One of the documents, a travel voucher, spans July 7 to July 27, 1969 (the space mission took place from July 16 to 24). According to the papers, Aldrin claimed $33.31 for his intergalactic round trip out of Houston and back, with travel points in Cape Kennedy in Florida, Hawaii, and of course, “Moon” (casually listed under Florida).

So what were those out-of-pocket payments Aldrin was reimbursed for? The break-down lists “government spacecraft” and “government vehicles” among his business purchases. For just over $33. That’s $216.59 adjusted for today’s inflation, according to Daily Mail.


Aldrin claimed $33.31 for “government space crafts” and “government vehicles,” among other expenditures. (Photo: Buzz Aldrin/Facebook)

The 85-year-old astronaut and engineer also posted the Apollo crew’s customs form, which declared “moon dust and moon dust samples” as imported cargo at the Honolulu airport. “Moon disease TBD,” Aldrin joked in a tweet, referencing the Declaration of Health section.


Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Michael Collins brought home “moon dust” and “moon rock” from space. (Photo: Buzz Aldrin/Facebook)

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A few days prior, Aldrin, now 85, also posted a photo of the crew heading to quarantine after landing. The black-and-white photo shows them dressed jumpsuits and masks for “biological isolation.” 

The cause for celebration over social media might be the Apollo mission’s recent anniversary. July 20 marked 46 years after Aldrin, Neil Armstrong, and Lt. Michael Collins’ historic landing on the moon.

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