You Can Buy Alexandra Daddario's Fave Face Mask For Just $13

alexandra daddario uses this serum skincare routine
Alexandra Daddario Adores This $13 Face MaskCourtesy / Christine Giordano

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Alexandra Daddario is one stunning lady. From her days playing Annabeth Chase in the first Percy Jackson movie back in 2010 to today, one thing's clear: her skin is absolutely glowing.

“It’s really important to take care of yourself and learn to love yourself and love your skin the way it is and keep yourself balanced,” the 36-year-old actress told Vogue in 2021. “I think that all of that ends up helping every aspect of your health, including your skin.”

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the The White Lotus alum found herself skipping out on her skincare routine, but now she’s back on her game. “My skin got terrible because, like everyone else, I was drinking way too much wine and doing everything I shouldn't have been doing and stressing,” she told Byrdie. “I find myself taking care of my skin better now.”

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Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask


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And she’s been gracious enough to share her skincare tips with the world, revealing the specific products she uses. One of her best-kept secrets? The fact that she uses two different masks to begin her beauty routine each morning, including the Pumpkin Honey Glycolic Mask from Andalou Naturals.

“I’m not in my 20s anymore, so I need more acid… and retinol and that kind of thing,” Alexandra told the outlet, via Haute Living. Containing pumpkin honey, organic honey, Vitamin A, and glycolic AHA, the mask dissolves surface cells while brightening dull skin. It also helps circulation and cell renewal. (Plus, it's legit only $13!).

This self-care routine is not just for A-listers—check out the rave reviews people left on Amazon:

"It is really good. I honestly like the results. And I’m an Esthetician, so I’ve used it on several occasions, and different skin types, and it’s amazing," one reviewer wrote. "The price is good and I feel like it’s right up there with a pricier brand."

Here's another if you're still unsure: "Fabulous! Real accurate dupe for a more expensive high end pumpkin enzyme mask. Smells EXACTLY the same. Lovely rich texture and left my skin like glass 😍😍😍😍at quarter of price. Will buy more for sure 💖."

Take this as a sign from the universe to pamper your skin (and become Alex Daddario) with this mask, too.

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