I Buy This $7.19 ALDI Find Almost Every Week (It Feeds a Family of Four)

I always have one in the fridge or freezer.

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Simply Recipes / Getty Images

On any given night or weekend afternoon, I could be feeding anywhere from one to half a dozen teenage boys.

Only one of those boys is my own, but there are some occasions when I’m feeding the entire boys' gymnastics team or half the cast of Aladdin, Jr. While I’m happy that our basement rec room is where my 13-year-old son and his friends choose to hang out, if teenage boys are hanging out, you have to feed them.

That’s why ALDI’s extra-large, freshly-made Mama Cozzi’s Take & Bake Pizzas are such a big thing in my house.

Why I Love ALDI’s Mama Cozzi’s Take & Bake Pizzas

Frankly, I’ve never found a supermarket pizza this big or stuffed with so many toppings! At 16 inches, it can barely fit into my downstairs freezer chest, and I have to rearrange things in my refrigerator to make it fit. Though it’s freshly made, I keep one in my freezer at all times because I never know when a gang of teens will descend on my doorstep.

I’ve found that one pizza can feed two very hungry teenage boys for dinner or a family of four. It also makes a filling afternoon snack for five to six teenage boys.

We usually buy the pepperoni, which comes packed with at least two dozen big slices of pepperoni, plus dozens of tiny bits of pepperoni scattered under the cheese so there’s meaty flavor in every bite.

We’ve also tried the sausage and pepperoni and the five-cheese, which are also good, and there’s also a supreme pizza and a meat lover’s version, as well as some cauliflower crust versions.

Because it’s fresh, the taste rivals what you can take home from the take-and-bake pizza places, and it tastes fresher and more delicious than most frozen pizzas. At $7.19 per pizza, it’s also way easier on my budget than many frozen pizzas, too.



Tricks To Make It Taste Like Delivery

Though the instructions call for putting the pizza right in the oven without a sheet, the best way to make it is to use a pizza stone. If you have one, heat it up according to the manufacturer’s instructions, then lay Mama Cozzi’s pizza goodness on top, and the crust will be perfectly crisp.

For extra flavor, I often add a sprinkle of Stonemill Italian seasoning or oregano. If it’s just my immediate family, I will also add some Happy Harvest Canned Mushrooms and some Season’s Choice Frozen Pineapple. (Yes, we believe that pineapple belongs on pizza—don’t hate us because we love that sweet and savory combination.) I’ve tossed some frozen spinach and broccoli on the five-cheese combo to turn it into a veggie lover’s dream.

If there are leftovers—and there rarely are leftovers when serving teenage boys—I’ve found the best way to reheat the slices is to throw them onto my electric griddle, which crisps up the crust quite nicely. If we don’t have time, the slices can be nuked in the microwave, and they still taste pretty good.

Chances are, if you see me at ALDI’s, you’ll find me in the deli section grabbing a pizza or two to go.

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