BurgerFi Has a New '90s-Themed Treat On the Menu

Better-burger chain BurgerFi is known for serving up juicy burgers, but their latest menu addition is something you'll want to dig into for dessert. The chain just announced it is releasing a limited-time milkshake in partnership with General Mills, which will include the beloved '90s snack Dunkaroos.

The new treat combines BurgerFi's popular thick vanilla custard with the famous cookies—they get mixed into the shake and added on top along with rainbow sprinkles. The best way to enjoy the dessert? Dunking the Dunkaroos in it like it's a glass of milk.

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burgerfi shake
burgerfi shake

"BurgerFi loves to take favorites and put a spin on them. We always are looking on how to elevate our menu items with classic recipes," says Paul Griffin, BurgerFi's chief culinary officer. "For the Dunkaroos shake, we took our classic vanilla shake and added a fun twist to it by combining it with everyone's favorite '90s snack to allow guests to reminisce back to their childhood."

Dunkaroos made a huge comeback last year after being discontinued in 2012. This is the first time the beloved lunchbox staple makes an appearance in a milkshake.

The Dunkaroos Shake will become available on May 10 and stay on the menu through June 13. Unfortunately, only Miami, Fla. and New York City locations will be participating in this offer. For more, check out McDonald's Has a New Summer Treat On the Menu, and don't forget to sign up for our newsletter to get the latest restaurant news delivered straight to your inbox.