Burger King throws shade at McDonald's while responding to customer complaints

Burger King in Denmark is not pulling any punches in its quest to trump McDonald’s as the world’s best fast food chain. On Sept. 24, Burger King’s European chain shared an approximately one-minute campaign ad . in which it responded to customer complaints on McDonald’s Facebook page. In one example, a McDonald’s customer claimed that they had waited two hours for their food. Burger King’s response?. “Well, everyone can have a slow day in fast food. Here’s a quick Whopper,” it replied, including a link to a free order of its signature burger. Another customer posted that they had only gotten one bun on their Big Mac. “Big Mac convertible?” Burger King wrote. “How innovative. Here’s a two-bun Whopper”. Burger King noted in its video that it “made sure that everyone got a reply”. The fast food giant’s video has since received nearly 10,000 views and plenty of comments from Facebook users