Burger King Just Dropped a New Dessert for Its 70th Birthday, and it Isn’t Cake

But it tastes like one.

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

A 70th anniversary is considered the platinum anniversary because platinum is a durable metal and represents longevity. Burger King is celebrating its 70th anniversary this summer, but the decades-old fast-food chain had to come up with something a little more palatable than platinum to throw itself a party.

It could have gone with the old standby, birthday cake, or created a birthday cake-flavored milkshake. But, for this milestone birthday, BK went with pie.

Burger King’s Birthday Pie Slice

Burger King’s 70th birthday is officially June 1.

“As we look to celebrate our milestone birthday this June, we are proud of the legacy this brand has built and on which we stand, and are beyond grateful for our royal Guests who have made it all possible,” said Pat O’Toole, chief marketing officer, Burger King North America.

Starting May 13, Burger King starts the celebration early by selling Birthday Pie by the slice. The all-new festive dessert features a creamy birthday cake-flavored pie filling in a cookie crumb crust. It’s topped with rainbow sprinkles, cake bites, and whipped topping.

<p>Burger King</p>

Burger King

Instagram's Snack Betch introduced their followers to the pie, which joins other BK pies that "are actually pretty good," like BK's current Hershey's Sundae Pie or its former Twix Pie.

"The hershey sundae pies are goated this looks like its gonna slap!" exclaimed one Snack Betch's followers. (Goated, by the way, is the adjective form of GOAT, or greatest of all time.)

"Can we just buy the whole pie? Asking for a friend…" said another about the pie that someone else declared, "Looks soo good."

In addition to the limited-time Birthday Pie Slice, BK is celebrating its birthday with a week of free food and drinks—burgers, chicken sandwiches, fountain beverages, and more—for its Royal Perks members—with an additional 70-cent purchase starting on May 28.

It's BK's birthday, but it's giving it's the one giving guests free food. It sounds like the restaurant is grateful for its royal Guests. 

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