Burger King Celebrates Spider-Man With Red Whoppers

The chain is slinging red-bunned burgers that look like they're from another Spider-Verse.

<p>Courtesy of Burger King</p>

Courtesy of Burger King

If you step into a Burger King this month and your spider-sense starts tingling, there's a good reason. The chain has teamed up with the forthcoming film sequel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse to offer a unique alternate-universe take on its most famous hamburger.

<p>Courtesy of Burger King</p>

Courtesy of Burger King

Starting this month, you'll be able to order a red-and-black-bunned Spider-Verse Whopper that, appropriate to the plot of the Miles Morales-focused franchise, almost looks like it comes from another dimension. While pretty much your otherwise average Whopper, this version swaps out the traditional bun for a red bun with black sesame seeds, along with replacing the usual American cheese with melted Swiss. (Of course, as BK points out, you can customize your Whopper in as many ways as there are divergent Spider-Verses.)

Burger King has dipped into dyed bun territory before, typically around Halloween. Previous Whopper hues have included a black Halloween Whopper, a white Ghost Whopper, an orange Ghost Pepper Whopper, and a green Nightmare Whopper, which promised to give whoever ate it bad dreams. (No word on whether this new Spider-Verse Whopper's side effects include any web-slinging.)

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If a red burger isn't enough Spidey-themed food for you, the chain is also serving a Spider-Verse Sundae, which consists of soft-serve ice cream topped with red and black popping candies. The Spider-Verse will also be taking over certain Burger King locations around the globe, including one in Astoria, Queens, perhaps as a nod to Spider-Man Peter Parker's hometown (Morales lives in Brooklyn).

The Spidey-themed Whopper and sundae will be available nationwide at participating Burger King restaurants from May 15 through June 31. The Sony Pictures Animation sequel Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse arrives in theaters worldwide on June 2.

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