Burger King Is Bringing Back Cheesy Tots And We’re Ecstatic

·1 min read

Things are really heating up this summer and Burger King is making sure they get in on the fun. While the arrival of the Crispy Chicken Sandwich and the return of the Sourdough King both made lasting impressions earlier this year, the news of their Cheesy Tots coming back is sure to send BK fans over the edge. I can feel your excitement from here!

Hitting Burger King menus for a limited-time only, Cheesy Tots (not to be confused with Jalapeño Cheddar Bites) are a cheese and potato lover's dream. Filled with melted cheese and covered with a crunchy breadcrumb coating, this is one fan-favorite side item you'll want to grab for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Plus, it's only $2.89 per each eight-piece, so you can go ahead and do just that.

That's not all BK is rolling out though. In addition to the return of The Tots, the beloved burger brand is also releasing another limited-time menu offering: a new Brownie Batter Shake! Featuring a blend of rich fudge brownie batter and their signature vanilla soft-serve, the shake is topped with whipped cream, which, in my opinion, is a perfect kicker for that combo of flavors.

Ready to get your hands on both of these LTO items? You're in luck because they both hit nationwide Burger King locations on July 29 (that's today!). Pack up your appetite and head on over there now to get your fix.

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