Bullied 'AGT' contestant's heartbreaking confession: 'I was OK being alone forever'

The final ten acts performed on the 'America's Got Talent' stage one last time Tuesday night and, while there were a few emotional performances, one high-flying act's heartbreaking confession had viewers all up in the feels. Since the beginning of the season, aerialist Alan Silva set out to prove that the sky's the limit despite being teased for his size his entire life. While Alan thought that he would never find love, fate proved him wrong when he met his wife Bethany who, today, is his biggest supporter. "My entire life I felt rejected by society because of my size," said Silva. "It was hard. So growing up, I never thought I would get married, because most people dream of meeting that tall, handsome guy. Their prince charming. I know I'm not that. So I gave up on love. I was OK being alone forever." Silva added, "When I met my wife Bethany, everything changed. Bethany was working in the wardrobe department, and we ended up getting to know each other. I started to like her more and more, but I was afraid that she would never be able to love me the way I was." Silva then shared that, one day, Bethany told him she loved him. "She started to paint a different life than I had envisioned. Ten years later, here we are. She is a light in my life and she is just my biggest supporter. I wouldn't be here without my wife. I could not imagine my life without my family. Being here on 'AGT' means that I'm away from my family. They're all good back home. I miss them so much," said Silva, as a woman's footsteps slowly made their way towards him. On Tuesday, AGT surprised Alan with his number one fan – traveling his wife out to be with him. Viewers loved the sweet moment. One person tweeted: "Alan may just be the sweetest man in the world and his wife is lucky."