Bulldog Puppy Is Totally in Awe Over Fun Trip to the Car Wash

When you have a dog, you learn to get better at thinking on your toes. After all, you never know when you'll need to change plans or keep your pup distracted, so you'll eventually develop an arsenal of tools and ideas. Whether you're redirecting your dog's attention after a distraction or trying to find a chill way to spend the afternoon together, some of those simple, last-minute ideas are the best you'll ever have.

Just ask Ralphy the English Bulldog puppy! This curious little guy recently got to go on a short car ride with his mom, and he saw something new that he won't soon forget. It's the car wash, of course!

The March 18 video of Raphie is a perfect example of how easily puppies can be entertained. Or is it really an example of how easily all of us viewers are entertained? Either way, it's pretty darn great. Take a look!

OMG--how cute! Ralphie is the definition of a passenger prince. He's got his puppy harness and carrier to strap him in, his hat to keep him looking fabulous, and his mama by his side. What else could a dog need in life?

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It made me smile to see that I wasn't the only one appreciating the magic of this seemingly mundane moment. Commenters love the English Bulldog's tiny hat almost as much as they love turning a car wash errand into a fun outing. With the colorful lights and the music in the car, it's like a personal party!

As a bonus, there's just so much for the young dog to look at. It's mental enrichment at its finest! He's keeping his brain busy and learning more about the world from the comfort of the passenger seat, and the best part is that his followers get to witness his wonder, too.

Running Errands with a Puppy

As fun and intentional as this moment in the car wash was, it's also a great reminder that you can modify your schedule however you need to in order to accommodate a new puppy. Thanks to technology, many errands can be run without actually leaving your car. Your puppy can come with you for a car ride, and you can check things off your to-do list--it's a win-win!

Once your puppy's shots are completed, they can also accompany you to any dog-friendly stores. A carrier might make the job a bit easier when your wiggly puppy is still a baby, but as they get older, you can put their leash skills and obedience training to good use. Before his mom knows it, Ralphy will be all grown up, but their trips to the car wash will never get old.

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