Build Explosive Strength With This High-Energy Workout

Professional trainer Sashah Handal will help you build explosive strength with this high-energy workout.

Video Transcript


SASHAH HANDAL: Shake up your home workouts with this high energy routine. The circuits are going to build up in intensity. Let's not fatigue too soon and take it nice and slow. I'm Sashah with bicycling. Let's get started.

Our first move will be a sandbag reverse lunge with a rotation. Start by grabbing your sandbag and keeping it directly in front of your hips. Shoulders rolled back, abs are braced, and feet are hips distance apart. Step back with your right foot into a reverse lunge and twist from your core to bring the sandbag towards your left hip. Step back in to return to start. Slow and controlled movements is exactly what we're looking for. And keep the weight to a minimum so we don't add risk to injury.

Frog hip lift. Lie on your back with your feet together, legs bent, knees open to the side. Place your weight across your hips, engage your glutes to drive the hips up, and lower back down. You'll feel this big time in your glutes, the muscles predominantly worked when climbing.

Quarter squat half circle. Start with your feet hips distance apart, toes slightly pointed out, press one foot onto a glider, drop down into a quarter squat maintaining a strong ab brace, draw a half circle with the glider foot, reverse the motion, and repeat.

Elevated sprinters. Step up with your left foot, hinge forward, and pull the hips back to extend the right leg. Press down through the left foot in order to switch the legs simultaneously, pumping the arms to create momentum. Focus on smooth, controlled, explosive power between the legs.

Speed skater lateral jump. Start in a low curtsy lunge, keep your chest lifted, and your abs braced, press off of the side of the front foot, take a lateral hop to the right, land softly, and with control. You're predominantly in the sagittal plane on the bike. This move will help counterbalance that.

Tick tock deadlift. Start with the weights on a step in front of you. With a slight bend in your knees and feet just outside of the hips, push the hips back to retrieve your weights. Return both weights to the step. Continue to alternate through. Make sure that your hamstrings are engaged, your abs are braced, and both your hips and your chest are square to avoid any rotation in your trunk.

Moving on to a half kneeling single arm shoulder press. Begin by kneeling onto one leg. With the weight racked up onto your shoulder, brace your core tight, press the weight overhead. Keep a tight core to protect your lower back when pressing anything overhead.

Staggered leg side plank. Starting a forearm plank with your elbows directly underneath your shoulders, your abs tight, and your feet wider than your hips. Keeping your hips high so that your body forms a straight line from head to heel. Cyclists tend to have weaker upper bodies. And this move is perfect for developing that shoulder and core strength.

Next up is an explosive walking lunge. Start with the weights at your side. Roll your shoulder blades back, and pull your abs in tight. Take a step forward until you reach a deep lunge. The weight should frame your ankles. Drive all of your weights through your front heel, taking an explosive step forward into your next lunge. The explosive motion in this move builds a ton of power and strength in your legs.

Final move, dynamic high plank. Start in a high plank position with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your feet just outside of your hips. Pull the abs in tight, engage your core, and keep your legs strong. Bend at the knees to push your butt towards your heels and shift the weight forward to a return to a high plank position. The dynamic component of this move works the entire body and adds mobility, which is great for cyclists. For more workouts like this, check out