Some Buffets Are Opening Back Up In Utah, But They'll Run Differently Than Ever Before

Alexis Morillo
Photo credit: MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images
Photo credit: MediaNews Group/Reading Eagle via Getty Images

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Buffet-style restaurants in Utah have officially gotten the go-ahead from Governor Gary Herbert. That said, due to the hands-on nature of these restaurants and the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the way they function will look different than ever before.

According to, Chuck-A-Rama is one chain restaurant that is looking forward to reopening under these new guidelines. There are 10 Chuck-A-Rama locations in Utah, three of which are currently open. With the green light to reopen buffets, this number will likely grow.

The president of the company that oversees Chuck-A-Rama Rene Shuurman told KSL that the chain is looking forward to serving customers again. "It’s been kind of a hard deal. Our employees have hung in there. We have a company filled with long-term employees," Shuurman said: “We are so happy to be back, and we could not wait to get you your food.”

For safety reasons, buffets won't look the same as they once did. Customers have to wear masks when entering the restaurant and while at the food bar, for one, and guests will be handed their plates and utensils by an employee.

Restaurant goers can also choose to have an employee serve them or they can serve themselves. In the latter case, guests are required to use hand sanitizer before serving themselves and serving utensils will be changed every 30 minutes.

Although Utah is allowing buffet-style restaurants to reopen with these new rules, many states are sticking to their takeout-, delivery-, and outdoor dining-only guidelines.

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