Buffalo Zoo Polar Bear's Reaction to Freshly-Fallen Snow Is Everything

This is so full of pure joy.

In their natural habitats, polar bears experience snow on a frequent basis. For bears like Luna who are in rescue or captivity, though, the year's first snowfall can feel like a dream come true. Just wait until you see her adorable reaction!

Her handlers at the Buffalo Zoo uploaded this video to the zoo's TikTok account, and we are just in love. Clearly, Luna feels right at home surrounded by fresh snow!

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How sweet is this? We love the way she dove right into the snow pile after taking it all in for a moment. To be fair, that's how we feel when we see snow, too! 

Commenter @betsyl00 agreed, "she looks so happy." It's like the weather changed just for her! That's exactly what @heyyyitsk thought when she wrote, "yes baby the snowstorm was just for you, Luna." As far as we're concerned she's the main character of this, and every, story.

@Rustbeltrants said that this reminds her of "me during a hot flash," and we can relate 100%. Hot flashes are seriously the worst! We bet Luna would agree, too, though she's too busy enjoying the snow to feel overheated right now. Lucky gal!

"If I die giving her a belly rub," wrote @dianadawson13, "just know it's how I would have wanted to go." Were you reading our thoughts? Luna seems so sweet and friendly in this video-it's hard not to fall in love with her!

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