Buckle Up Swifties: Target’s ‘Midnights’ Vinyl, CD Comes With Bonus Tracks & We’re Already Buying Tissues in Bulk to Prep

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Remember when going to the store for the latest CD was the most exciting part of your week? I still remember what it felt like picking out a new album at the grocery checkout line and then beginning the painstaking task of unwrapping all of the stickers and cellophane afterwards. But nowadays, it takes much more than a new album drop to get shoppers to the store to pick up an actual, tangible album. And honestly, for Taylor Swift fans, three exclusive bonus tracks just might be the thing that does it. Right now you can preorder Taylor Swift’s Midnights album with three bonus tracks exclusively at Target while supplies last.

That’s right: you get three bonus tracks from the Queen of Bridges herself. Do you know what kind of potential that is? Let’s think back to albums of Taylor’s past: for 1989, ‘New Romantics’ was the bonus track and it made our heartbroken-ness feel not so personal—and gave us reason to dance whenever it came on. For Folklore, the bonus track was ‘the lakes’ and we were all met with the kind of sonic poetry that we’ll never go a day not thinking about. Just imagine what Midnights will have in store for us. My hunch? A song that confirms those Joe Alwyn engagement rumors. We all know how Taylor likes to surprise us.

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These orders will ship on October 21, 2022, but it’s best to pre-order now to make sure you secure the bag. The Midnights album is available in two different options. First, you can pick up a classic CD album with a lavender-colored CD disc. Or you can go the vinyl route and get a lavender album for your record player. Either way, both options come with three bonus tracks in addition to the 13 songs already on the album. Taylor putting 13 songs on this album is so on brand, we can’t do anything but bow our heads in awe.

Courtesy of Target.
Courtesy of Target.

Midnights CD

Taylor Swift with a lit lighter is giving the kind of “burn the world down” energy that we all need. Burn those bad late-night memories down to ash and let what will surely be one of Taylor’s best albums wipe your tears away. This CD deserves a spot on your side table as the centerpiece it deserves to be.

Midnights CD $13.99

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Courtesy of Target.
Courtesy of Target.

Midnights Vinyl

The purple record is everything we could ever want a vinyl from Blondie to be. So long, red era, we’re entering into the violet stage of life.

Midnights Vinyl $29.99

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