BTS on Why 'Butter' Will Be the Summer Anthem, BBMAs & Looking Back at 8 Years Together | Billboard News

BTS sat down with Billboard's Tetris Kelly to talk all about their new single "Butter" and what separates it from their Billboard Hot 100 hit "Dynamite." Plus, what to expect from their Billboard Music Awards performance, their hair colors and reflecting on 8 years together as a group.

Video Transcript

- We are so cute.

- Yes? Hello? [INAUDIBLE] Yes.

TETRIS KELLY: It's here, the BTS interview you need. We talk about Butter, the BBMAs, those hair colors, and everything from Louis Vuitton to McDonald's.

- Hi.

TETRIS KELLY: BTS, what's up?


TETRIS KELLY: It's good to see you guys again. Let's jump right into it. "Butter"-- I mean, what is the inspiration behind the new song. We're so excited to have you guys back.

- So, while "Dynamite" was an upbeat, kind of like a disco pop, that we tried to give hope to like global listeners in the middle of a pandemic. Butter is like, you know it's summer. It's very kind of like a season, so it's also a more upbeat, kind of like a fresh dance pop track, like a more like a summer anthem. Just, you know, just all of the positive vibes and upbeat energy, that's it. That's what Butter's about.

TETRIS KELLY: I see what you did there with the butter and the seasoning. I like where you're going with this. And then also, you guys filmed the music video for it, as well. So what can you tell me about shooting the video for "Butter"?

- So simple.

- Yes it is.

- It's simple but at the same time has style, and you can see scenes and vibes you've never seen before.

- We incorporate new elements.

TETRIS KELLY: Thanks, J-Hope. And also, you guys are finalists in four BBMA categories, which is crazy. And you're also performing. It's not your first time performing at the show, so what can we expect different?

- What can we expect? What can we expect?

- If possible, we'd like to win in all 4 categories. BTS!

- A map, a map.

- Let's go!

- Let's go A map.

TETRIS KELLY: And what are we going to see you guys do on the stage? Can I see one of those dance moves? Come on.

- Oh. Of course, "Butter." Of course, well we're going to perform "Butter" on BBMA stage, so it's kind of like a comeback, and it's going to be huge. Yes, that's all we can tell.

TETRIS KELLY: Last time I talked to you guys, you gave a lot of credit to the stylist. And you said, you know, they help us look this good. But you guys have been killing the style. How is it to now be an ambassador for Louis Vuitton?

- We had a meeting remotely, and we look forward to the awesome things that will come next. It's also a brand that we've always liked so it's amazing.

- So, we used to be the fans of Virgil for several years, so it's always great to be able to collaborate with the idols, right? So we're working on it. Yeah.

TETRIS KELLY: And speaking of you guys' style, something the army goes crazy about is the hair, right? Jungkook trended on Twitter for his blue hair, and I got to be honest, H-Hope you had me shook in the "Butter" promo with the rainbow hair. It looked so cool. So what is the inspiration behind all the hair colors?

- I looked up the internet, thinking about what color I should do. A bunch of colors popped up. And seeing all these made me think, wouldn't it be awesome to put all these colors on my hair at once? I got the OK sign, so that's what I did.

TETRIS KELLY: Jimin, that is crazy, that's so awesome. And it looks super cool.

- Thank you.

TETRIS KELLY: Now, also, I want to ask you guys about another big brand you guys are working with-- McDonald's. I mean, you guys are dropping the McDonald's meal on May 26th-- that's so crazy. I can't wait for my Nuggets, but the Army wants to know, are they getting photo cards?

- No there weren't any photo cards planned, but I will make a suggestion to McDonald's. Hello? [NON-ENGLISH SPEECH] Yes.

TETRIS KELLY: Jin-- if the army doesn't get a photo card, you have to show up at McDonald's and give them the Nuggets, OK?

- Oh, of course.


TETRIS KELLY: Now, June 13 is going to be the anniversary of your debut. Eight years together, which is incredible. How do you reflect on all this time as a group?

- 8 years feels quite a short time for me. I initially thought it was long, but looking back, it feels short. And I think there's so much left for us to do.

TETRIS KELLY: Yeah, you guys do have a lot to do, and speaking of what you could do-- I know that the three rappers in the group have all released mix tapes-- I'm still hoping for a Hope World 2, but what about the vocalists in the group? Where are the mix tapes guys?

- When I create something and come back to it later, I feel like I can do better. But then SEGA gave me a piece of advice that "it doesn't have to be perfect."

TETRIS KELLY: Well, that's what the army loves, that you guys always make sure you work so hard on everything. And now that you are reintroducing yourselves with "Butter" are we going to get an album coming following this single?

- Album. We'll see, we'll see, we'll see. We'll see.

TETRIS KELLY: Also, you guys said spending so much time together you feel like you have grown. What is something that you feel helps you guys grow as a group?

- Because the memebers are so passionate about music, witnessing that helps me grow. got

- Ooh, we here so cute.

TETRIS KELLY: And now that you guys have had so much time away from the fans, what are you most excited to do when you guys get back out on the road?

- We're most looking forward to seeing that view, in front of my yes again. As you said, because its been such a long time since we saw each other. Personal I think we'll be very happy about the fact that we saw each other.

TETRIS KELLY: I'm super excited, man. I can't wait to see you guys perform again. I was even looking at the Mellon performance of Black Swan, and I love the choreography you guys did there. I can't wait to see you guys on stage again.

- Thank you, Tetris, thank you. Feel it. Thank you.

TETRIS KELLY: Yeah, no I purple you, right?

- Purple you too.

TETRIS KELLY: Thanks guys, thanks BTS.

- Thank you. Take care.