BTS Debuts New Dyed Hair in Anticipation of Their New Single, 'Butter'

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K-Pop phenomenon BTS is dropping their new single, "Butter," on May 21. Naturally, the members decided to switch up their hair in anticipation of their second English single.

On April 26, the group announced the release of their upcoming single through a mysterious countdown on their BANGTANTV YouTube channel. The hour-long video's title originally read "What's melting?" but has since been changed to "Butter" Logo Trailer.

With "Butter" underway, there's no better way to prepare for a new era than changing your hair. That's why BTS Global Official Fanclub posted new photos of the seven members' new hair on May 6.

Who had the biggest hair transformations, though? RM, J-Hope and Jungkook switched up their signature looks in a major way. RM is rocking baby pink tresses although he said he wouldn't go back to pink in 2020. He tweeted some cute shots with his dog while casually debuting his pink return.

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Meanwhile, J-Hope traded his black locks for a vintage blonde. His bandmate Jimin also made the switch to platinum blonde. Celebs like Billie Eilish and Selena Gomez made the same move earlier this year, and BTS has the newest additions to the blonde squad.

As for the other members, Jin decided to stay with a light brown shade, V is sporting a chestnut brown look and Suga kept his signature dark brown.

Some fans—a.k.a the BTS Army—had theories that Jungkook dyed his hair purple, and they were proven to be true. RM tweeted a mirror selfie earlier this week and fans were quick to notice a speck of purple in the background. The theory of Jungkook going purple was confirmed when BIGHIT Music posted a preview video where Jungkook’s hair appeared indigo in colored lighting.

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The first official group teaser photo for "Butter" was posted on May 9, but something isn't adding up. RM, Suga, V, Jin and Jungkook's hair colors match the BTS Global Official Fanclub pics we previously discussed, but Jimin and J-Hope look a little different than we expected. Jimin—who we thought went platinum blonde—sports rainbow hair while J-Hope's blonde is more neon and less vintage. It seems that the Fanclub pics caught them in the middle of their hair transformations!

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