Bryson DeChambeau Reveals Latest Monster Stock Yardages

 Bryson DeChambeau takes a shot during a practice round before the 2023 Masters
Bryson DeChambeau takes a shot during a practice round before the 2023 Masters

It’s no secret that Bryson DeChambeau can hit the ball further than most. After all, this is the player who finished second at the Long Drive World Championship in 2022, falling just 20 yards short of eventual winner Martin Borgmeier.

Therefore, it’s not surprising that LIV Golf's Crushers GC captain has recorded some impressive stock yardages for 2023, ranging from 100 yards with his 60° wedge to 340 yards with his driver 13 clubs later. As for the others, you can take your pick and find a yardage that would leave most players in awe, such as 170 yards with a pitching wedge!

One thing worth keeping in mind is that all of DeChambeau’s irons are the length of a seven iron, which ensures he swings the same with each club. As well as that, the degrees of his clubs have been set lower too.

Also, despite the big numbers, they’re down slightly on his 2022 stock yardages. For example, back then, the American reached 173 yards with his pitching wedge and 342 yards with his driver.

But why is that? DeChambeau embarked on a brutal training regime to build muscle in 2020, which allowed him to overpower some of the best courses in the world with his distance. However, he ditched that late last year after suffering from inflammation and stomach problems. He also missed part of 2022 after undergoing wrist surgery, which could also explain those slightly lower numbers.

Even so, it’s clear DeChambeau’s reputation as one of the game’s biggest bombers isn’t going away any time soon.

Of course, the issue of driving distances has been in the news again recently with, governing bodies The R&A and USGA announcing controversial golf ball rollback plans. Perhaps unsurprisingly given the advantage DeChambeau derives from his big hitting, he was one of the most critical of the plans, describing them as atrocious and saying: "If you could say I’m the complete opposite times 1,000, that’s what I would be."

He continued: “Everybody wants to see people hit it farther. That’s part of the reason why a lot of people like what I do. It’s part of the reason a lot of people don’t like what I do.”

DeChambeau needn’t worry just yet, with the introduction of the plans a minimum of three years away. In the meantime, his ability to strike the ball further than most, as evidenced by his latest stock yardages, is likely to continue raising eyebrows.