Bryce Hall & Addison Rae Unfollow Each Other on Insta

Photo credit: getty/instagram
Photo credit: getty/instagram

[UPDATE 4/19/21 1:04 PM]: Bryce Hall and Addison Rae have unfollowed each other on Instagram after some fans thought she was out with singer Jack Harlow in Atlanta over the weekend.

The unfollowing comes after Bryce seemed to respond in a rant on Twitter (see below). While some were hoping for a Braddison reunion, this may be a sign it probably won't be happening any time soon.

Original story: Right off the heels of two weeks of intense TikTok drama, we have some new tea that is piping hot and ready for sipping. It seems like things are, once again, bubbling up in the world of Braddison, just over a month after their split.

Both Bryce Hall and Addison Rae were in Atlanta over the weekend for the Triller Fight Club boxing match. On Saturday, a video was going around of a couple, which was reported by some to be Bryce and Addison, with their arms around each other as they seem to kiss. While Bryce later commented on the video, "wtf that's not us," fans assumed he was joking as the pair in the video seemed to be wearing the same clothes as Bryce and Addison that night.

Fans then speculated that Addison was hanging out with singer Jack Harlow the same weekend, according to Elite Daily.

Fans sent in the pics to Instagram account @TikTokRoom that looked like Addison's hand seemed to be on Jack in a photo of him and Pete Davidson from the night.

Bryce then seemingly responded. He first tweeted (and then deleted) "downgrade," following it up with "I'm about to explode man."

He then wrote, "F*cking me, telling me u love me then sneaking around w/ someone else...that f*ckin hurts."

As of now, neither Addison nor Jack have commented on the situation.

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