Brussels Airlines Just Unveiled the Coolest Airline Safety Video Yet — Watch It Here

Look, we get it. Airline safety instruction videos (and in-person demonstrations) are extremely important. But, as Brussels Airlines is proving, they by no means have to be boring.

On Monday, the airline unveiled its newest safety instruction video, and right off the bat, it's a total bop, thanks to the iconic Belgian band, Hooverphonic.

"When Brussels Airlines asked Hooverphonic to write a song with the text of the safety instructions, I really thought it would be impossible," ​Alex Callier, member of Hooverphonic, shared in a statement. "But at the same time, I love that kind of challenge, and we went for it. I'm glad I persevered. After a few tries, we are now ready for take-off!"

The result is a four-minute, ultra moody mashup between actual safety instructions and some of the vibiest visuals we've ever seen in the air, including an artistic homage to the Belgian surrealist painter Magritte.

"The safety instructions we give on board at departure are essential. Safety is our priority but that is not a synonym for bland at Brussels Airlines," ​Michel Moriaux, head of marketing for Brussels Airlines, added in the statement. "For years, we have tried to attract the attention of our passengers with humor and creativity. The result of the unique collaboration with Hooverphonic is the perfect example of this. We are very happy that our Belgian pride has taken up the challenge and pulled out all the stops to create a surprising song and clip that will be going around the world from today."

Luckily for flyers everywhere, it appears more and more airlines are getting on board with creating catchy safety instruction videos. In 2020, Alaska Airlines unveiled another favorite, parodying the 1982 song "Safety Dance" by Men Without Hats, which the airline's employees were very proud to be a part of.

"From the director, to the choreography, the cameras, the music, makeup and hair artists and so on it was like being on the set of a movie," Natalie, a Horizon Air flight attendant who starred in the video, said in an airline blog post at the time. "Everyday was filled with excitement and anticipation. It was very professional, well organized and definitely on my top 10 things in life that I have been a part of."

Of course, not every single airline safety video can be a winner. Just check out this rejected safety video for British Airways made by none other than Ryan Reynolds to see what we mean.