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TikTok discovers 'brown noise,' declaring it 'the perfect sound': 'My brain has never felt such peace in so long'

TikTok users have recently discovered “brown noise,” with some declaring it to be “revolutionary” and “life-changing.”

TikToker Natalya Bubb shared this viral video documenting her first time listening to brown noise. As Bubb places her headphones over her ears, she is visibly surprised and elated at the effects of the sound.

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“Where did the thoughts go?!” Bubb wrote in the video’s caption.

Bubb’s TikTok has received over 1 million likes and 9 million views. The calming effects of the video’s sound moved viewers.

“Why is this just the perfect sound?” a TikToker commented.

“It makes my brain feel soft in the best way possible,” another said.

What is brown noise, and how is it different from white noise?

According to LiveScience, brown noise (aka Brownian noise) “is a type of low-frequency sound produced by the same process that causes so-called Brownian motion.” The low-frequency noise’s soothing effects derive from its closeness to the sounds of waterfalls, thunder or heavy rain.

While white, brown and pink noise are all considered members of the “white noise” sound family, the low, strong frequencies of brown noise are what differentiates it from the rest. According to Sound of Sleep, white noise has varying frequencies and is “broadly spread across the sound spectrum,” while pink noise “is louder at the low-frequency end of the spectrum, and softer at the high end.”

Despite the scientific differences between the colored noises, the benefits of each are similar; people may listen to whatever sound they like to experience a calming, pleasant effect — it depends on one’s preference.

How brown noise assists with focus and mindfulness

Bubb’s viral TikTok inspired many other users to test the sound as they try to complete tasks.

TikToker Ben Telerski shared this video to rave about Spotify’s brown noise playlist, claiming that it made him “immediately unstoppable” and turned him into a “productivity king.”

“Life-changing,” Telerski wrote in the caption.

As TikTokers spread the brown noise trend across the app, many also experienced a productivity boost similar to Telerski’s. Courtney, a trauma counselor for 15 years, shared this video to explain the sound’s beneficial impact on mental health and mindfulness.

In her video, Courtney explained that brown noise has “been shown to soothe brains with trauma and ADHD.” The sounds allow you to “decrease racing thoughts, calm the mind, and allow for you to focus more clearly on a task.”

Courtney then urged viewers to share how the sound made them feel throughout her minute-long video.

“I feel like I can finally sleep,” a TikToker commented.

“My headache goes away, and it feels soothing,” another said.

“My brain has never felt such peace in so long…” someone added.

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