Brooklyn Bishop Gets Robbed at Gunpoint During Service

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Brooklyn bishop robbed during church service

Bishop Lamor Whitehead of Brooklyn was robbed at gunpoint during his sermon Sunday, according to CBS News. The incident was caught on livestream (which has since been deleted) when a group of armed men walked up on the pulpit to steal the bishop’s jewelry. Thankfully, no one was hurt but Whitehead believes he was the main target.

About ten minutes into his sermon, Whitehead told CBS he saw the door in the back of the church kick open. He said knew they were coming for him and tried to make sure they only came for him and not the members of Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries.

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“As I got down, one went to my wife and took all her jewelry and had the gun in front of my 8-month-old baby’s face. Took off my bishop’s ring, my wedding band and took off my bishop’s chain, and then I had chains underneath my robe and he started tapping my neck to see if anything else. So that means they knew. They watched and they knew that I have other jewelry,” said Whitehead to CBS.

More on the incident from CBS News:

What you don’t see on camera, Whitehead said, are around 100 congregants who were in the room. Men, women and children dropped to the floor in silence.

“My church is traumatized. The women and children are still crying. Babies are still crying,” said Whitehead.

Whitehead believes his family was targeted because of the publicity he received when he helped turn in the suspect wanted in the fatal subway shooting of 48-year-old Daniel Enriquez in May.

“I turned him in, but the media called me ‘the bling, bling bishop.’ They had my Rolls-Royce car all over everywhere and I feel that that played a part in this,” said Whitehead. “I think all pastors should be able to get permits for pistols.”

The cost of the jewelry stolen was initially estimated to a total of $400,000 but increased to about $1 million, according to the NYPD. As expected, some critics were skeptical about Whitehead’s loftiness. To the haters, Whitehead said he’s gonna do him.

“It’s my prerogative to purchase what I want to purchase. If I work hard for it, I can purchase what I want to purchase,” Whitehead said in an Instagram video.

Police haven’t made any arrests but Mayor Eric Adams vowed to bring justice to Whitehead and his family.

“No one in this city should be the victim of armed robbery, let alone our faith leaders and congregants worshiping in a House of God. The NYPD is investigating this crime and will work tirelessly to bring the criminals involved to justice,” said the mayor’s spokesperson in a statement.