Brooke Burke shares her anti-aging tips to kick off the new year feeling fabulous

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Brooke Burke shares her anti-aging tips to reset after the holidays and kick off the new year feeling fabulous – at age 50 and beyond. In a surprising twist, her picks do not include any magic creams or serums. Her priority? Hydration. Watch the video above to see her favorite things.

Video Transcript

BROOKE BURKE: Hi, everyone. It's Brooke Burke, and I am so excited to share with you some of my favorite tips and tricks for the New Year on "New in the Q."


Even though these products are not topical, for me, beauty really starts from within. And I always say, it's easy for me to show people how to do beauty burn and how to carve out their core, but it's all the other things that we put in our body that really make a big difference.

Hydration is a big deal. Vitamins that give us energy and help us recover are really, really important. So 305 has these little packet sticks that you can put in water. I throw them in my shake. I'm all about being efficient with my time and shielding my body with as much good stuff as I can, in one shot. And the combination of vitamin Bs that they have in this product are really great.

One of the products that I love right now is called Skin Perfect. It's a collagen cocktail, if you will, for your skin. And again, it's about hydration. And all of the ingredients are super mindful. I'm feeding my face and feeding my skin.

I have always been a big believer in never letting anybody know how tired you really are. And I recently discovered these jade rollers. And you can get them anywhere. You can get them on Amazon. I keep two of them in my freezer at all times. And on a tired morning, on a puffy morning, I just really gently roll it over my eyes. It's very, very soothing.

I am a big believer in slowing down, repairing and recovering. So BEMER is something that I've been using for years. This is something that I let my children use and something that my mom should be using. It's basically a pad that I lay down on for eight minutes. I do it twice a day. You don't feel a sensation in real time, but I know that it's working. And I'm giving myself eight minutes a day to put my phone down, to chill out and to recover. It's kind of like a wireless phone charger for your body.

I'm from Arizona, so I have grown up understanding the benefits of the prickly pear. Vanessa Hudgens and Oliver Travino, they sent me this case of Cali Water, and it's more hydrating than coconut water. It's sweetened with monk fruit, which is amazing. It's really flavorful. It's also a great mixer. We're drinking a little bit more during the holiday season. It's great to mix with vodka. It's low-calorie. There's not a lot of sugar. And you're getting the hydration benefits. So you know, good for the night before and good for the morning after.