Brooke Burke Celebrates 51 Years of 'Feeling Good' With Toned Bikini Shot

'Dress for yourself not your age.'

Brooke Burke wants to remind her followers that ‘feeling good’ needs to be celebrated.

The fitness personality and author shared a toned bikini shot to both her personal Instagram page and her fitness page, BrookeBurkeBody.

The 51-year-old rocked a mustard yellow two-piece that put her abs on display as she took a stroll on the beach.

 “Just celebrating 51 years of feeling good. To me it's about celebrating every stage at every age of your life #selfconfidence is ageless,” she captioned the post on her professional page.

She took a more personal approach in the caption on her own page, sharing her confusion about being asked for her opinion on “women my age and #bikinis.”

“Is your age a limitation, or an opportunity to go deeper In exploring your self-confidence?" she asked.

"Personally string bikinis are my fav at every stage! Dress for yourself not your age,” she continued in the inspiring caption.

“Does age affect freedom? Does age effect [sic] sex appeal? Do you believe that self-confidence is ageless? I do,” she concluded.

Fans seemed to agree with her, with one writing, “Love this perspective. Important conversation for people to have” as another chimed in, adding, “self confidence is everything. We can wear whatever we want, whenever we want to.”

Another fan took a more lighthearted approach, joking, “I still wear bikinis at 45 cause I work hard for my fit body even tho it may embarrass my kids 😂.”

Burke’s message seems to resonate with fans across the board, and it’s a reminder to continue doing what feels right for you and your body! You can get more info at

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