Brooke Averick and Connor Wood on what makes their joint podcast such a hit

Brooke Averick and Connor Wood
Brooke Averick and Connor Wood

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When Brooke Averick and Connor Wood separately started posting on TikTok toward the beginning of the pandemic, they had no idea where it would lead them in just a few short years. At the time, Brooke was teaching preschool, while Connor had just been laid off from his job. Cut to three years later, and they’ve both moved to Los Angeles, gone viral online and started a highly successful podcast together.

While they may have different interests and backgrounds, what ultimately makes the hilarious duo a perfect match is their similar senses of humor. It’s that sense of humor that has garnered them nearly 2 million combined followers on TikTok.

For the latest episode of In The Know by Yahoo’s interview series We Should Talk, Brooke and Connor opened up about their podcast, Brooke and Connor Make a Podcast, and what’s enabled them to turn it into such a hit. They also discuss attending events with heavy hitters in Hollywood, battling imposter syndrome and their thoughts on everything from music festivals to bachelorette parties.

“I think what makes Brooke and Connor work is that we actually have nothing in common except for our senses of humor, which I think is the most important thing. That makes it even funnier when Connor and I want to talk about really different things,” Brooke told In The Know. “So, when Connor talks, I listen and have genuine questions, because I truly don’t know what he’s talking about and would like to know more and vice versa. I think that’s why it works.”

“It’s so authentic in the way of, like, we have a podcast that’s a two-way conversation that’s also genuinely a learning moment one way or another,” Connor added. “She’ll be talking about something and I’m like, ‘I don’t know who Lin-Manuel Miranda is, so walk me through that.’ There could be somebody else that’s listening who would also be like, ‘I’m going to take this time to learn too.’ We never claim to be an educational podcast, but a lot of people [learn things by listening]. We have little tidbits for people to be like, ‘I didn’t know that, but I was there with Brooke or Connor learning at the same time as them.'”

Watch In The Know’s full interview with Brooke Averick and Connor Wood below, and check out Brooke and Connor Make a Podcast here:

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