Broncos defense holds Cam Newton in check

Patriots QB Cam Newton was mostly held in check by the Broncos defense as he threw two interceptions and couldn’t complete a pass to extend the Patriots last drive of the game.

Video Transcript

- Six in the secondary, third and 2 for Cam. Batted down and intercepted. It's picked off by Williams, who dove and got it on the deflected play.

- They haven't practiced. They haven't been out in the field in a couple of weeks, and it's really showing itself today.

- Cam throwing, and it's picked off. Cam is intercepted on the play, Bryce Callahan.

- Over three minutes on the drive, second and 13. It's White. Edelman throwing again, he's got Newton, and a bead on him. Ojemudia could not bring him down, and he's shoved out of bounds by Simmons.

- Twelfth play of the drive, fourth and 10. Blockers there, Newton throws, incomplete. And looking for Harry, Bausby was on the coverage. Clock at 59. On downs, it goes to Denver.