Brittany's Travel Hacks: Organize Your Travel Life with These Must-Have Apps

I don’t know about you, but sometimes after I book a trip, I lose my itinerary. And then I spend who knows how long searching for my travel confirmations in my email.

Wouldn’t it be easier if all of your travel confirmations went to the same place?

Well wouldn’t you know, there’s an app for that!

Here are two of my favorite FREE apps to help you organize your travel itineraries.

1. Tripcase

Tripcase is probably the app that I use most often. First, you download the app for free (on android and iphone) and enter some basic information like your name and email address. When you get your airline, hotel, or rental car confirmations, you simply forward them to

Next, the internet works some sort of voodoo magic, and within a few minutes, your itinerary can be seen in Tripcase!

A sample itinerary in Tripcase. (Photo: Tripcase)

It not only reminds you of your trip date, but it shows confirmations for all of your flights and will even provide weather updates for your upcoming destination.

You can even forward additional excursions like theatre tickets by emailing your confirmations to the same address. Going a step further, you can also add details by hand, this includes dinner reservations or client meetings, anything that you’re going to do during your trip.

I always forget to share my travel plans with friends and family, so I like that Tripcase allows me to share my full itinerary with them!

2. Tripit

Similar to Tripcase, you can forward your airline, hotel, and rental car confirmations to, and Tripit automatically organizes all of the details into one helpful itinerary.

With Tripit you can also add maps, directions, and photos to your itinerary. And with the click of a button, you can share all of your travel details with your friends and family so they can keep track of you on the road.

A sample Tripit itinerary. (Photo: Tripit)

You can upgrade to Tripit Pro for $49 a year which definitely has some added benefits. If your flight is canceled, you’ll get the best options for your alternate flight and you’ll be the first to know if a refund is available. Pro members also receive mobile alerts about their travel and complimentary 1-year membership to Hertz Club Gold VIP car rental They also gain access to 1,700 business lounges worldwide.

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