Britney Spears Reveals She Has ‘Self Esteem Problems’ That Cause Her to ‘Slouch’

Britney Spears is working on her “self-esteem problems,” one aerial yoga session at a time.

The superstar singer, 37, revealed that she deals with a lack of confidence that in turn affects her posture.

“Body language is everything! The way you speak to yourself and carry yourself can effect[sic] your mood …. I have self esteem problems so I slouch,” she wrote on Instagram.

Spears said that she does stretches with her trainer to build up back strength and improve her stance.

“These poses help me everyday become stronger and it’s quite fun doing them … I feel so different everytime I do it, cause I’m not used to the feeling of my back being out!!!!” she said.

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The mom of two also shared a video of her practice, starting with an explanation of her movements.

“So basically what I’m going to do today with my gym coach is basically, arch my back,” she said. “And by hanging upside down it opens my back and enables me to breathe better and to open up and to feel better. So, here I go.”

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In the video, Spears’ coach holds her upside down with just his feet as she moves her legs and arms into different positions.

When she’s not working on her posture with yoga, Spears is a regular in the gym. She frequently shares videos of her intensive workouts, and in June said that she’s “working really hard” to lose weight.

“I don’t like doing too much cardio,” she added. “My body has muscle memory, cus I use it be [sic] gymnast and I can bulk up …. so I like isolated movement. The key to my workout is repetition, but that gets boring so I have a booklet I’ve made with all my favorite exercises.”

Spears joked that she’s just trying to beat out her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, in the abs department.

“I know I don’t look perfect here, but I’m working on it,” she said. “Hopefully one day I can give my boyfriend’s abs a run for their money!!!!”