Britney Spears Just Debuted Full-Body Henna Tattoos In New Bikini Photos

Jennifer Nied

From Women's Health

  • Britney Spears debuted henna tattoos covering her whole body in a new Instagram post.

  • In the photos, the pop star wears a string bikini and shows off her fit bod as well as the extensive body art.

  • Britney explains that she "got carried away with henna" in her caption.

Britney Spears' artistic skills aren't limited to her singing and dancing. She just debuted some fresh (temporary) ink in her latest Instagram post, and her DIY body art is seriously impressive.

In the photo, Britney shows off her fit bod wearing a snakeskin string bikini. She's totally covered in intricate white henna tattoos. The pattern starts around her neck and travels down her toned abs and extends onto her legs.

Britney explained how it all went down in her caption: "So I got carried away with henna !!!! I think I’m going for a bohemian look in the second picture …. not sure what my hands on my hips are about 😂😜🤣!!! I guess I’m demanding attention 🙄🙄🙄 !!!!"

Followers and commenters had so many thoughts about her body art. One wrote, "it’s glue and white paint or stick on transfers." That sparked a whole debate about who helped her out and what she used exactly, but tbh, that's beside the point. Brit is looking super fit in her new pics.

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Britney has shared some of her fit-bod secrets in the past. For starters, she's been working out with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari. They do adorable couples' workouts with plyometrics, strength training, and yoga. ICYDK, Sam is a personal trainer and they've been dating since 2016.

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Some of the white ink also showed up in another recent Instagram post. Britney posed in a white crop top, and only a few bits of the design were visible around her neckline. Perhaps Britney's new look is sticking around for more than one photoshoot?

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