Britney Spears Accidentally Gave a Very Telling Peek of Her Kitchen—and We Have Thoughts

Britney Spears Accidentally Gave a Very Telling Peek of Her Kitchen—and We Have Thoughts

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Britney Spears has been making headlines this week—and, no, we're not referring to her split from husband Sam Asghari or her upcoming memoir. Rather, we're talking about her cooking content. Earlier this week, the "Baby One More Time" songstress shared a video of her prepping a pepper omelette. And while most people were aghast at her knife skills—one person commented, "Please teach her how to cut a bell pepper!! You remove the seeds!! Lawd have mercy!!"—we have a lot of thoughts on her kitchen.

britney spears kitchen
Britney Spears via Instagram

Though we pore over celebrity real-estate listings like it's our job—well, because it is our job—we seldom get intimate glimpse into a star's home life. So when we do, you better believe we're obsessed with all the tiny details.

We love Spears—who doesn't?!—but we're honestly a little confused. Unlike most celebrity kitchens—which typically boast high-end appliances, sleek cabinetry, and a luxe marble backsplash picked out by an of-the-moment designer—Spears's culinary quarters look...well, normal. With redwood cabinets, frilly curtains, and an iron light fixture, dare we say this kitchen is an homage to the early aughts? (The color palette might be different, but her current home is not too different from the Beverly Hills mansion she shared with ex Kevin Federline in 2007.) In fact, her kitchen is identical to her property's listing photos, which you rarely see.

What's even more boggling is that Spears has had time to potentially renovate her kitchen. The Crossroads star has lived in this Thousand Oaks Italianate Villa since 2015, when she reportedly picked it up for a cool $7.4 million. Last year, she and Asghari did purchase an 11,650-square-foot mansion in the Calabasas enclave, which feels like a perfect fit for the biggest pop icon of our generation. However, the couple quickly moved out of Calabasas—rumor has it that the couple thought their new digs were too big—and back to Thousand Oaks.

Who knows? Maybe this is how Spears wants her home to look. If her real-estate portfolio is any indication, she does favor a Mediterranean-inspired space—and maybe she doesn't feel pressured to deck out her home in the trendiest details. (A move that, honestly, feels so relatable and refreshing.) Due to her years-long conservatorship, it's also possible that Spears never had the authority to renovate her kitchen. But, if she ever did want to give her kitchen a little pick-me-up, we know lots of designers who would love to help. After all, she's so lucky...she's a star.

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