British man shares 3 biggest ‘culture shocks’ he faced after moving to America: ‘It feels so wrong’

How do British people eat their eggs? Millions of TikTokers now have that bizarre question on their minds, thanks to one English TikToker.

The user, named Brenden (@brendenandellie), has drawn millions of views after sharing three of the biggest “culture shocks” he faced after moving to the U.S.

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His clip follows a longstanding trend on TikTok, where users have revealed cultural differences between their home countries and where they live now. In the past, users have shared their surprise over the workweek in Denmark, the “only” day Swedish people eat candy and what “chips and salsa” look like in Italy.

Brenden, meanwhile, centered his video around ordering in restaurants.

According to his clip, one thing that particularly surprised Brenden was the existence of free refills in the U.S. In his clip’s comments, he claimed that getting a refill on soda (or another non-water beverage) is pretty uncommon in his home country.

Secondly, Brenden seemed struck by the many ways Americans eat their eggs. He claimed that in the U.K., eggs are almost always served fried and a little runny. He added that it’s uncommon for a waiter to ask, “How would you like your eggs?”

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Lastly, Brenden shared a classic cultural difference: tipping. In America, many service workers rely on tips to survive, while in the U.K., tips are usually lower and less common. Of course, that’s not a hard and fast rule. Every restaurant and customer is different.

TikTok users seemed surprised by Brenden’s video. Many expressed their shock over how different it can be across the pond.

“I can’t get over the not tipping thing, it feels so wrong,” one user wrote.

“Wait how do you order eggs in the U.K.” another asked.

“So basically British people don’t cook their eggs?” another joked.

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