This British Athlete Broke the World Record for the Indoor Ironman Triathlon

Emily Shiffer

From Men's Health

British triathlete Simon Jackson of Stevenage, England, broke a Guinness World Record for the fastest indoor Ironman triathlon—a 140.6 mile total feat—on Saturday, July 11. Perhaps most impressively, he did it all in a makeshift gym set up in a radio studio. He used a rowing machine (in place of swimming) for 2.4 miles, rode a stationary bike for 112 miles, and ran 26.2 miles on a treadmill.

Jackson finished with an official time of 8 hours, 17 minutes and 12 seconds, breaking the previous record that had been set in 2012 by Jon Cowell (another Brit) by more than 7 minutes. Cowell's record had been 8:24:47.69. The event was held and livestreamed at Stevenage's SG1 Radio, and Jackson celebrated the success with a gold confetti shower at the end.

Jackson's record-breaking race raised money for the Garden House Hospice Care charity. According to The Comet, he raised more than £8,000.

After the race, Jackson talked about how tough training for this had been in quarantine.

“I didn’t have a rowing machine, didn’t have a running machine. I was going on bike rides with my kids during lockdown, and just running alongside them," he told The Comet.

He was most happy to bring something positive into people's lives during this time—over 10,000 people tuned into the livestream.

"There's lots of bad stuff in the world right now, and I think this has really brought out the best in people," Jackson said.

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