Bring Your Pup Along for the Ride With These 12 Dog Bike Baskets

Brie Dyas
·6 min read

Courtesy of Amazon

We can never have enough time with our pups. Whether you're a hardcore cyclist or a hobby bicyclist, if you're a dog lover there's no doubt that you want to bring your furry friend along on your bike riding adventures. Dog bike baskets make that possible and ensure that they safely enjoy the experience. While you could opt for a dog bike trailer, a bike basket puts them front and center. You'll get to watch as your dog soaks in their surroundings with their tongue out and fur flowing in the wind.

Bike baskets for dogs come in different sizes and styles to accommodate tons of different dog breed sizes. While determining which carrier is right for you and your pup, pay close attention to weight limits to ensure sizing and safety. Prioritize bike baskets that have safety features—support bars and a belt or leash—so your hands are free to steer the bike to your destination and away from any hazardous road blocks.

ANZOME Bike Basket

This is one of the top-rated bike baskets on Amazon with over 1,152 ratings. It can hold dogs up to 11 pounds, and it's made of solid, waterproof Oxford fabric. Since the basket does not include a belt, the maker recommends using a leash to secure your pet's harness to the handlebar.

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