Brilliant's New Control Panel Easily Turns Any House Into a Smart Home

It’s powered via a traditional outlet

Fact checked by Jerri Ledford

This new smart home panel can plug into the wall, which means you can install it without any complicated electrical wiring. And it works with most major smart home gadgets.

One of the primary pain points when transitioning to a smart home is all of that rewiring to get everything working together, but control panel industry leader Brilliant has a novel solution.

The company just announced a plug-in version of its popular smart home control panel system and is touting that consumers can "install it anywhere." That's because it doesn't require any electrical system know-how, being as how it operates via traditional charging outlets. This is great news for anyone that lives in older homes with no neutral or ground wires, apartment residents who lack access to wiring, and, well, anyone who is just uncomfortable with finicky and potentially dangerous home wiring.



It can be mounted on any wall using traditional screws and ships with a universal adapter to connect to various outlet types. There’s a power cable, of course, but it can be hidden from view with an in-wall installation if that’s your bag. This drastically increases where you can place this thing, giving more variety than standard electrical system installations.

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Once installed, you get a touchscreen-enabled device that controls various smart home appliances and gadgets. There’s built-in voice control and, of course, additional access via an integrated Brilliant mobile app. However, the app is not required, as anyone can walk up to the panel and make adjustments via digital sliders/switches on the touchscreen. This control panel integrates with popular home products from companies like Ring, Google, Samsung, TP-Link, Honeywell, ecobee, and other major players. The company also makes its own smart dimmer switches and smart plugs, which obviously integrate nicely with the panel.

The Brilliant Smart Home Control Plug-In Panel costs $400 and is available from the company or via Amazon. You can also pick up one by contacting a licensed contractor.