Brie Larson’s 'Captain Marvel' Stunt Double Just Shared an Epic Fight Video

Adrianna Freedman
·3 mins read

From Men's Health

Behind every great action star, there are a plethora of people who help them shine on screen. While fans might not immediately think of the role of a stunt person—someone who seamlessly becomes a star's acting counterpart in the midst of many/most of your favorite action sequences—it’s often incredible to see how crucial they are to a project and how much work actually goes into creating the perfect combat sequence.

Joanna Bennett, one of Brie Larson’s stuntwomen for 2019’s Captain Marvel, recently posted a behind the scenes look to her Instagram account. There, she showed how she and the stunt team prepared to bring some of Larson’s biggest fight scenes to life. Judging from the wirework, backflips and padding strewn everywhere throughout their makeshift gym, a lot of detail and care went into just about every frame.

“Oner, fight and wire concepts,” she captioned the 2-minute clip. “Working on a reel edit and forgot how much we did in this first week or two [of Captain Marvel]. Shoutout to some of my favorites for having the best timing and reactions. They are so talented and made my job easy.”

It’s inspiring to see how much time and effort it takes to conceive such a complex and technical fight sequence. It could be because of the wires and rigs seen throughout, or because it’s not being performed in front of a giant green screen, but Bennett’s video shows Marvel fans that the movie stars you know and love aren't the only ones who deserve your attention.

Bennett also didn’t forget to thank her fellow stunt people, thanking them for giving her the opportunity to do this and being ready at a moment’s notice for when something inevitably goes wrong, which you can see about three-quarters of the way into the video.

While Captain Marvel 2 isn’t expected to hit theaters until the summer of 2022, expect Bennett and co. to be back in the studio, creating more sequences for Larson to shine in. But don’t think she’s not appreciative of the work her stunt doubles do—she’s publicly thanked them in the past, and if the fight scenes in the sequel are anything like the first one, Larson is certainly going to want to thank them again.

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