‘Bridgerton’ Characters Keep Mentioning ‘Leading Strings’—Here’s What They’re Talking About

Jenzia Burgos
·1 min read

You might have heard a handful of characters talking about something called leading strings on Bridgerton and are now wondering what, exactly, they’re even talking about. Despite the term coming up multiple times on Netflix’s latest show, it makes sense for some fans to be confused about its meaning—after all, there are plenty of phrases from Regency-era London that sound unfamiliar these days. Leading strings are certainly one of them, so allow us to get into their meaning below.

On Netflix’s Bridgerton—which follows the lives of the Bridgertons and other high society families during debutante season—viewers might hear the term “leading strings” come up during conversations about immaturity or a young woman’s coming-of-age. For example:...

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