Bride's mom's outfit choice leaves the internet infuriated

Weddings are complicated. There are all sorts

of unspoken rules and conventions that can drive

even the most levelheaded person up a wall.

One fairly clear-cut rule, however,

is that brides typically wear white —

and they’re the only ones to do so.

Jane Lu, the CEO of Australian fashion

company ShowPo, took to TikTok to

expose a clear violation of that rule.

She said that she woke up on the morning

of her big day to find that her simple

wedding dress was going to be upstaged

by her mother’s own elaborate gown.

In the video, Lu unzipped her mother’s

garment bag to expose the dress, which

she describes as being “more bridal” than

her own. It was covered in lace and satin.

Her mom went through with it, too. Photos

make it seem like she could have been the one

getting married that day, not her daughter.

Fortunately, Lu wasn’t bothered at all

and laughed it off — but most commenters

had a very different reaction.

“No, I would’ve made my mum go and buy

a different dress that second,” one user said.

“Straight up I would’ve lost my mind. You

looked amazing tho,” another wrote.

Some people came to Lu’s

mother’s defense, though.

“My mum deserves to look like a

queen, doesn’t matter if it’s my wedding

or hers,” a TikTok user wrote