Bride stops ceremony, realizing she ‘forgot half her wedding dress’: ‘I made a terrible mistake’

A bride made a “terrible mistake” during her wedding ceremony when she literally forgot half her dress.

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TikToker Becky Jefferies’ wedding looked nothing short of picture-perfect. The groom wore a dapper suit, the weather was fair and the flower-filled decor was beautiful. At first glance, there was nothing off about Jefferies herself. She looked stunning in her long lace dress. But the bride knew things hadn’t gone according to plan. She had even dreamed about the very scenario a few days before.

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“Me in the middle of my wedding ceremony realizing I’d made a terrible mistake,” she wrote in the caption.

Just as the couple was about to exchange their vows, Jefferies interrupted the ceremony.

“Pause for a moment. I just realized when I got to the end of the aisle that I’m missing half of my dress,” she announced to the guests. “Maybe I could put it on now? I’m not kidding — two nights ago, I had a dream that I did this.”

Jefferies and the guests laughed at the blunder together. The rest of her dress, a giant lace skirt, was quickly attached to the garment. All in the universe was finally restored.

“I’m sure you guys have never been to a wedding like this before,” Jefferies joked.

She explained in the comment section that she didn’t have a bridal party to do any quality checks beforehand.

“I didn’t have bridesmaids! When my girls and I arrived at the wedding, our planner hurried them to go sit down,” Jefferies explained. ” I had to run straight from the car to the aisle when I arrived — [it] happened way too fast for me to realize!”

The hilarious moment received 28.6 million views and 4.4 million likes on TikTok.

“She is so sweet and not a drama queen at all. She handled the situation very well,” a user said.

“I LOVE that she didn’t apologize. It’s her day, and she confidently took control of the moment,” another wrote.

“This was much better than having regrets about forgetting it altogether. Perfectly handled,” someone commented.

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