Bride-to-be sparks family drama with controversial wedding guest list: ‘That’s not your issue’

A bride-to-be stirred up some family drama over her wedding guest list.

The woman took to Reddit’s wedding forum for advice regarding the situation. She explained that her mother recently remarried, and the family drama began over her decision to exclude her new stepsiblings from the wedding guest list.

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“In the whole time my mom and her husband have been dating, I have met his daughter 2 times (3rd time at the wedding) and his son maybe 4 times,” the bride-to-be wrote. “We have never spent a holiday together, gone on a trip, had a dinner with everyone at their home or done much at all as a group.

“I am getting married in November and only want people we are close to at our wedding, or [people] who have an impact on our lives and we feel care about us and vice versa. I want to look out at the people sitting there witnessing my marriage and see the faces of people I love and truly feel connected to.”

The woman’s mother did not react well to this reasoning.

“My mother is insisting that I invite her husband’s children,” the woman wrote. “She says ‘they are your immediate family now’ and that they are ‘your step brother and step sister’ and that it would be wrong to exclude them.”

The bride-to-be justified her decision to exclude her new stepsiblings because her mom and new husband were married by the time that all their children were fully grown adults, so she does not feel any obligation to make her stepsiblings part of her inner circle. She also mentioned that her fiancé is not inviting his immediate cousins to the wedding, so she does not see the point in including her stepsiblings.

“I think it is unfair and unreasonable for [my mother] to claim that [my stepsiblings] are suddenly my immediate family and that I am wrong to not want to invite them to my wedding, even if they don’t come,” the woman wrote.

Many redditors agreed with the woman’s perspective, and some even shared similar guest list drama that they have experienced.

“I can relate to this. My dad got married in 2018, and his new wife has 3 sons. I don’t really know them, and I’ve spent minimal time with them outside of their actual wedding and a few holidays,” a user commented. “I am inviting them, but I’m not giving them plus ones. I have no care whether they come or not, but I’m doing it out of pure courtesy.”

“It’s YOUR wedding. You should only invite people you want there,” another said.

Other redditors weighed in on both sides of the family drama but still empathized with the bride-to-be’s feelings.

“They’re at an age where I’d consider them ‘mom’s husband,’ not ‘stepdad,’ and ‘mom’s husband’s kids,’ not step-siblings. So I don’t think you need to invite them at all,” another redditor commented. “Especially as you don’t seem to have much of a relationship with them.

“That said, I do see why your mom is asking. They’re her husband’s children, so obviously they’re important to her and she wants to foster a better family relationship. Hopefully she and her husband will be happily married [for] the rest of her life, so I can see why she wants his kids and her kids to bond. But that’s not your issue. You totally don’t have to invite them if you don’t want to.”

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