Bride-to-be 'lives for chaos' and keeps engagement secret until wedding invitations are mailed: 'Highly recommend'

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A bride-to-be chose “chaos” when she hid her engagement from her friends.

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TikToker Sierra caused quite a stir on social media. She confessed that she purposefully waited until they received the wedding invitations to surprise her friends. The video racked up over 8 million views and 1.5 million likes on TikTok, but has since either been removed or made private.

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In The Know was able to take note of what the TikToker said in the video and what the comments were before it was taken down.

“Tell me you live for chaos without telling me you live for chaos. I’ll go first,” Sierra said in the since-removed TikTok. “For the past two years, I have avoided talking about my relationship with my friends just so I could see their reactions when they opened their mailboxes and found an invitation… to my wedding. They received them today.”

TikTokers couldn’t believe the audacity of the bride-to-be.

“This is a mood. I wanna see reactions,” a user said.

“You took hard launch to a whole new level,” another wrote.

“I announced that I was pregnant after I had given birth. (Twice!) highly recommend,” someone added.

In a follow-up video — that has also either been made private or deleted — Sierra revealed she actually had a logical reason for doing this. But that didn’t mean it wouldn’t result in total chaos. Sierra, her fiancé and her group of friends have actually known each other since they were kids.

When the pandemic hit, the group become separated for two years. Meanwhile, her fiance is in the military and stationed in South Korea.

Thus, you can see why it wasn’t hard to keep their relationship milestones a secret from their mutual friends.

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