Bride-to-be lashes out after being asked to ‘share’ her wedding: ‘Your day, your rules’

A bride went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if uninviting her family from her wedding was the right move . “My sister ‘Rosie’ and I have always had a complex relationship, but my bigger problem is her fiancé ‘Mick’”. “Mick is like a caricature of the phrase ‘toxic masculinity’ … He’s also hit on me in the past and slut-shamed me”. “[They] got engaged last week ... the first available date is April 2022. Mum and dad told us today that we will now be having a double wedding”. She refused, but her parents insisted that because they were paying for a big chunk, it was their call. “[I] said that we would pay for the entire wedding ourselves and go back to our original guest list minus my parents, Mick and Rosie, then hung up”. “I definitely just snapped in the moment, but the idea of sharing my wedding with Mick gives me a visceral negative reaction”. Reddit was on the bride’s side for this one. “Your wedding, your day, your rules,” one user wrote