A Bride And Groom Marched With Philly Protesters Moments After Saying ‘I Do’

Julie Scagell

‘They eloped in love despite everything going on in this world, LOVE ALWAYS WINS!’ the couple’s wedding planner said

As protests continue across the world following the death of George Floyd at the hands of Minneapolis police, one couple stood out from the crowd at a protest in Philadelphia: the newly married Dr. Kerry-Anne Perkins and Michael Gordon.

The Gordons tied the knot on the lawn of the Logan Hotel. After the ceremony, a group of protestors walked by as they were marching along the Benjamin Franklin Parkway towards City Hall and the newly married pair decided to join them — much to the delight of the growing crowd. As they walked, the crowd cheered and applauded the pair, who stopped to share a sweet kiss then continued marching with them.

A marriage took place just now at a protest in Philadelphia from r/Damnthatsinteresting

“The crowd parted for the couple, who held hands and kissed in the middle of the street. They celebrated against the backdrop of thousands of protesters who marched on the eighth day of protests in Philadelphia,” The Philidelphia Inquirer said in part on Instagram, alongside several shots from the couple’s wedding day.

“They were supposed to get married at Legacy Castle, and it was postponed,” Rev. Roxy Birchfield, the couple’s wedding planner, told E! News. After the New Jersey ceremony got canceled, Birchfield said the Gordons had a “micro wedding” on the lawn of the hotel instead.

Luxor Wedding Films, the couple’s videographer, and Linda McQueen Photography, their photographer, captured their wedding.

Their wedding planner, Details Made Simple, also posted photos of the pair joining the protest. “So our couple, Kerry-Anne & Mike, did a thing today!” they said on Instagram. “They eloped in love despite everything going on in this world, LOVE ALWAYS WINS!”

The bride, who says she’s an OBGYN by day and fitness enthusiast by night, posted a message to her Instagram explaining their relationship and how the pair eventually got engaged. “7 years ago, he asked, I said no, he waited patiently” the caption started. “5 years ago, he asked, I said maybe, he acted patiently… 1 year ago, he asked,” Perkins concluded the tale. “I said YES!”

The Logan Hotel also shared video from the couple’s big day. “Love Isn’t Cancelled! We were honored to help host this beautiful wedding ceremony on such a historic day in our city! Take a look as protesters walking by stopped to celebrate the beautiful couple during their First Look! A moment we won’t soon forget,” it said.

Planning a wedding during a pandemic and worldwide protests can’t be an easy thing to do, but the Gordons showed the world exactly how it’s done.

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