Bride-to-be frustrated by mother-in-law’s ‘controlling’ wedding plans

A bride-to-be doesn’t want her future sister-in-law in her wedding party and is torn on what to do. She consulted Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if it would be OK to exclude her. The issue arose when her future mother-in-law insisted her fiancé’s sister be a bridesmaid. But the bride believed that the sister-in-law’s “nagging” and disregard for boundaries would hamper her bachelorette party. The mother-in-law insisted that excluding the sister would hurt her feelings. “Part of me thinks it’s silly and I should just suck it up and put her in since I am marrying into this family,” she said. “But then another part of me pictures how annoying it will be because like her mother she is also controlling and naggy”. Reddit users told the bride it’s her wedding, her rules. “Put your foot down now or you have a long future of boundary stomping to look forward to,” one user commented