Bride calls out mother-in-law over ‘disrespectful’ wedding dispute

A bride is livid after her future mother-in-law ruined her wedding dress. The 26-year-old went on Reddit’s “Am I the A******” forum to see if she was in the right. “My future mother-in-law kept annoying me and sending me suggestions for choosing the right wedding dress and said that she knew better,” she explained. “I went shopping with my mom and I was able to find a really nice dress”. “Yesterday, I got back from my mom’s house and found that my fiancé wasn’t home neither was the dress … my fiancé took it to show it to his mom”. When her beau finally came back, she was horrified to see what had happened to the garment. “its zipper was broken and the dress itself (fabric) was stretched out … My fiancé told me his mom and sister took turns to try it on. I was absolutely livid”. The bride demanded a new dress from the mother-in-law who refused. People on Reddit told the bride that she had been outright disrespected. “This is a preview of your entire marriage. It’s only going to get worse, not better,” another said