Bride-to-be calls out the cost of renting items for a wedding, so what should you rent vs. buy?

Weddings can be one of the most expensive events a person will pay for, and while some costs can be mitigated by renting, one bride took to TikTok to share how that’s not always the case.

Sam Doll (@sam_d0ll) explained how, in her experience, renting and the price differences she’s seen doesn’t always come out to be a better deal than simply buying items.

“The biggest rip-off I’ve ever experienced in my life is rentals for my wedding,” she says in her video. “Almost everything I’m renting, I’m better off buying and throwing in the garbage the next day.”

Doll shared that several times in the planning process, whether it was to buy a neon sign or a disco ball, the price to rent was often more expensive than the cost to buy it on Amazon.

Several former brides in the comments had similar experiences.

“When I got married I was quoted $4000 FOR DRAPES ACROSS THE CEILING!!!! RENTTTING!!!!” replied @sincerely.allison.

“Just bought a popcorn machine for half the price of renting it,” commented @cdspellsinger.

What to rent for a wedding?

Sara Lam, an event planner at August In Bloom (@augustinbloom), explained why brides should still consider renting certain items when planning a wedding. While every bride will make separate decisions on what they want to purchase, there was one category Lam felt lended itself to renting.

“They should definitely consider renting large scale decor items,” she told In The Know by Yahoo. “The main reason why I recommend brides rent those things is because …those are things that are hard to resell on the Facebook Marketplace. The other thing is that when you are renting these things, the core company that’s providing this item is also providing the labor to deliver these things to your venue, as well as pick these things up.”

With the average cost of weddings reported to be $29,000 in 2023, there are many items brides are willing to rent in order to bring costs down.

Kate Alann (@katealann), a TikTok creator who focuses on wedding and lifestyle content, posted a video sharing how much a tent cost to rent for her wedding.

She paid $700, including delivery and pickup, to have the tent for the entire weekend.

According to, renting should be considered when the items likely won’t be used again. This includes things like linens, upgraded plates and candle holders.

While some people may follow’s advice, Lam said some items could be bought in bulk to save money — as long as the cost of labor doesn’t become overwhelming.

“If you are going to get 200 favors or something small from Aliexpress instead of buying it from somebody local so you can get it direct from a supplier, then I think that’s a great option,” she said. “ If these are small things that require less labor from the couple directly, it’s a great option.”

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